Our Learning Strategies Workbook is the most comprehensive learning skills material available to high school students.

Learning Strategies - A Foundation for Lifelong Learning© is a workbook that helps students master the skills necessary to succeed at school and at life.

The workbook is written in easy-to-understand language, and outlines key study skills and tips, such as how to manage time, complete assignments, and study for tests. By applying this program students also learn how to balance school with other activities.

The Learning Strategies© workbook covers the following areas:

discovery wheel
Chapter one


Contents of this module:
The Discovery Wheel is a self-assessment tool. The following areas are covered in this exercise.
  • motivation
  • time
  • memory
  • reading
  • notes
  • tests
  • diversity
  • thinking
  • writing
  • relationships
  • health
  • purpose
time management
Chapter two


Contents of this module:
Time management tools
Goal setting method
Semester/term goal worksheet
Reality checks
Action plans
Personal Information Manager (PIM)
Monthly/weekly planner
Daily action list
note taking
Chapter three


Contents of this module:
Record, revise, review
Special strategies for note-taking
The Cornell Method
communication skills
Chapter four


Contents of this module:
Effectively communicating your message
Our language, past and present
Building your vocabulary
Useful Idioms
Words and phrases borrowed from other languages
Words often misused
Synonyms and antonyms
Roots, prefixes, suffixes
Words difficult to spell
The basics of class presentations
Checklist and evaluation for oral presentations
reading method
Chapter five


Contents of this module:
Trouble reading?
Eight steps to more active reading
Difficult reading assignments
writting process
Chapter six


Contents of this module:
The fundamentals
The writing process: steps one to seven
Five-paragraph essay structure - graphic organizers
Proofreading points checklist
test taking
Chapter seven


Contents of this module:
Why forever and always tests?
Avoid test panic
Overall test strategies
Five-days-before method
Short-term test preparation and confidence builders
Additional tips for specific types of tests
Key test words and their meaning

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Learning Strategies - A Foundation for Lifelong Learning© is a workbook designed to teach students learning strategies that help them develop the skills they need to succeed in both school and life.

It is intended to assist teachers, tutors or parents. Each chapter has three or more lesson plans or handouts. The lesson plans relate directly to the material in the workbook. They may be presented sequentially or as they correspond to ongoing course material. They are generic in content, and can therefore be integrated into almost all school subjects.

The lessons outlined in this guide can be used both with large and small groups, and in a one-on-one learning situation. Certain skills may require more practice time and individual needs may require some modifications to the plans.

If students develop a clear-cut way to organize their thoughts or information and have some simple tools to help them remember required materials, they will have a better chance of meeting their goals for academic success. Our aim is to help students gain confidence in themselves as lifelong learners. We believe the Learning Strategies Workbook and will help accomplish this goal.

We have every confidence that students will benefit from using the Learning Strategies© program. If you are not satisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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