Is your student ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century? To handle these challenges every student needs special skills. They must be able to adapt and to do this they need the most important skill of all - to learn how to learn. Learning to learn is really about basic study skills:

  • Assess your skills
  • Manage your time and set goals
  • Research
  • Read effectively
  • Write papers and exams
  • Listen and take notes in class
  • Communicate effectively

Students may not learn these skills at school since they are not always a part of the regular curriculum and that puts them at a disadvantage. But if they were empowered with basic study skills, their school life and the results they get could be dramatically different. Learning Strategies - A Foundation for Lifelong Learning© is the most comprehensive study guide available to high school students.

This workbook, based on Pauline Lacroix's Effective Study Skills for Students© seminars taught to hundreds of students, motivates high school students to achieve success at school and at life, and develop their learning skills.

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