Teachers, tutors, counsellors, mentors and parents.

The Learning Strategies© workbook can be used in several ways.

  • As an individual tutoring program for high school students and others:For high school students who need in-class help with learning skills, the Learning Strategies© program is the perfect student tutoring resource.A counsellor or teacher may recommend that the students get help with their study skills either by focusing on a specific module (i.e. time management) or by working on the entire Learning Strategies© program. The module, or the entire program, may be presented by a student mentor, a teacher, a counsellor, or in some cases, in conjunction with a parent. image
  • As a supplement program to the course curriculum: The Learning Strategies© program can also be used as a high school course on learning skills. Teachers can easily customize the program to fit with specific lesson plans and exercises.

    Likewise, Learning Strategies© covers a broad range of life skill and lifelong learning issues and can easily be adapted to fit into course curriculum.
  • As an orientation tool for students new to high school:Learning Strategies© is an excellent orientation tool for high school students beginning their school career. For many this is a stressful time - a new school; new classes; different grading systems; less attention from teachers; and more homework. Learning Strategies© offers students the extra support they need while they enter this challenging transition period.
  • As a group workshop or seminar program:Teachers, guidance counsellors or anyone who leads learning skills workshops can adapt the Learning Strategies© program to a seminar setting.


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